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Tata TGN Pacific Cable System Information

Tata TGN Pacific Segment 1 Cable
The Tata TGN Pacific Seg. 1 cable comes off the beach flanking the Nedonna cable landing station just north of Rockaway, OR. The Seg. 1 cable connects Oregon to Emi, Japan. The Oregon end of this cable was installed in June 2002. This cable is routed north of the Garibaldi reef, south of the ‘shalepile’ and is thought to be buried throughout nearly all the fishing grounds of bottom contact fisheries. The burial success rate is over 99.8% on this cable. There is one small suspension and exposure area in 242 fathoms of water located at 45º 45.791’ N 124º 46.308’ W. The cable is exposed on the seabed for approximately 49 meters; of this, 19 meters is suspended with a maximum height of about .5 meter. A second area of cable exposure and suspensions occurs on the bottom and east side of a canyon in water depths of 687 fathoms and deeper. The center of this .3 nm area of four small suspensions is 45º 47.427’ N 124º 53.157’ W. These suspensions vary in length from 17 to 43 meters long, and from .3 to 3 meters in maximum height. Trawlers are advised not to tow over either suspension area and to use caution when fishing near them.

Tata TGN Pacific Segment 5 Cable
The Tata TGN Pacific Seg. 5 cable begins in Rockaway Beach, Oregon and lands in Hermosa Beach, California. Seg. 5 was the first cable to be installed off Oregon as part of the Tata TGN Pacific cable system. The cable exits a bore pipe that is about .6nm north of the Twin Rocks and about .6nm off the beach. The cable route heads in a Southwesterly direction, south of the Garibaldi Reef and the Southern Cross Cable to a point about 5 miles offshore of Cape Meares, where it turns to a WSW direction. This cable is believed to be buried from just outside the bore pipe to 764 fathoms water depth, offshore of the current trawl fishing grounds. Seg. 5 was installed in the waters off the coast of Oregon in November and December of 2001. A very high rate of successful burial was achieved on this cable installation, with burial of nearly 99.9% of the cable that was intended to be buried. There are no restrictions in currently trawled areas on this cable.

Tata TGN Pacific Segment 6 Cable
Tata TGN Pacific Segment 6 cable exits from the southern of two bore pipes that were horizontal directional drilled (HDD) from east of the beach dune in Rockaway, OR. The Seg. 6 cable crosses Tata TGN Pacific Seg. 5 cable just west of the bore pipe then follows the Tata TGN Seg. 5 cable alignment off the continental shelf, staying north of the Seg. 5 cable. This cable was installed in August of 2002. We believe Tata TGN achieved 100% burial in the current trawl grounds on this installation. In much of the fishing grounds, the cable is buried over 4 feet into the seabed. This cable terminates near Toyohashi, Japan. There are no trawl restrictions in effect on this cable.

OFCC Agreement on TGN Cables
The Tyco cable system was purchased by Tata Communications and is now known as Tata Global Network (TGN).

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